The Global Trends in Human Resources

The Global Trends in Human Resources

Human Resources Management has gone through major alterations since it came into existence. A field that was known as Personnel Administration in the 1920’s dealt with basic aspects of recruiting, training & compensating transformed into a broader sphere that paid focus on the impact that different employment practices have over the overall organizational productivity & profitability. And this function had begun to be addressed as Human Resources Management in the 1970’s.

Human Resources Management gained more significance when organizations started to experience competitive pressures due to globalization, swift technological change & deregulation. Pressures like these forced organizations to get involved in strategic planning which required them to anticipate changes in the surroundings to align the multiple components of the company in a manner to encourage organization effectiveness.

We are living in a world which is changing every second which have an effect on the Human Resources practice. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the most critical global trends that are impacting the HR practice in a noteworthy way.

Global Trends Affecting the HR Practice

The first trend that’s on top of the list is the demographic shifts that are impacting the values of the workforce across the world. The workplace consists of more females than before who hold higher levels of education. And today’s organizations possess a workforce that consists of almost five generations of professionals – which, by the way, has never happened in history. Another thing that I would like to point out is that workers are staying in organizations for way longer than they used to before.

As a result of these growing trends and their implications, Human Resources has to do some strategically planning. For example, now they have to think over how to fulfill the needs of such large and diverse groups in the organization. In the current scenario, the HR has to address the requirements of the employees belonging to older generations & moreover, acknowledge the training, development as well as success planning wants of the younger employees.

Another trend that rising these days is the utilization of advanced technology in the workplace. An example of this is the impact of machine learning in our workplaces. As per Amara’s law, it is a human tendency to overestimate the impact of a new technology in the short term and then underestimate its impact in the long term. Looking at the effect of AI on the way we do business today, machines can be expected to supplement lots of jobs in the coming future. So the HR needs to be prepared for such developments and create their L&D strategies keeping them into consideration.

Human Resources professionals have to comprehend what the future holds for businesses and buck up by getting educated on it. And earning a global HR professional certification is the finest way to go about it. If the HR is not prepared for such trends, it will have an adverse influence over the profitability of organizations. By sponsoring HR professionals to pursue potent global HR certifications, organizations have the opportunity to secure their future.


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