Some Important Points on Class 12 Physics Preparation

Some Important Points on Class 12 Physics Preparation

Class 12 is such a phase, where anxiety and tension are involved in every step. All the students, who are enrolled in Science stream, have Physics as a compulsory subject in their coursework. As per many students, Physics is not an easy subject. So, in order to get a high score, you have to start your Physics preparation from the very beginning of the Class 12 session. Physics is a compulsory subject for all the Engineering and Medical Entrance aspirants. This is also a mandatory subject for many other essential Degree courses. Physics is a conceptual subject that requires a deep understanding. So, you have to be very serious about your Physics preparation. Your continuous hard work can only bring you success in a form of good score. Start your preparation through the checking of prescribed syllabus as well as exam question pattern, and type of questions. Now, make the blueprint of your preparation and start it accordingly.

How to Prepare Step-by-Step

Start your preparation from the CBSE class 12 Physics chapter 1. Such as cbse class 12 Physics chapter 15 is associated with the chapter Communication Systems. It is mainly involved with the numerical questions. So, at first, clear your basic concept and then start the numerical part. Write down the formulas again and again in order to memorize them. Always try to learn the underlying techniques of the numerical parts so that you can solve any questions in the exam. In this way, you have to cover the whole syllabus. If you get stuck in any concept, ask your teacher for help. Physics subject is rich with concepts and you should give your top-notch concentration during its study.

After covering one chapter, start to solve its attached exercise. It will help to strengthen your concept. Start from the chapter 1 and gradually move towards the next chapters. Don’t forget to revise already learned concepts once in a week and keep practicing the numerical questions. Class 12 Physics Ch-15 Communication Systems is an important chapter. Physics is associated with lots of numerical parts and you should make a balance between the theory and numerical preparation. Set your timetable accordingly. After covering the theory part and practicing the exercises, start solving the previous year’s question papers. Many websites provide direct downloading of these questions. During solving the questions, don’t forget to track the time as time-management is an important factor in the exam. You can ask for an expert opinion in different respective websites.

Exam is Knocking

Now it’s time to start giving mock tests. There are various websites that provide mock test facility with full assessment; you can enrol yourself in one of them. Mock tests will be helpful to assess your preparation level as well as your weak areas. After the test assessment, try to find out the root of the mistakes, it will save you from further mistakes. But, start appearing for the test much earlier of the actual exam so that you can get enough time to revise your mistakes. With your serious, thorough, and solid preparation, you will surely get success with flying colours.


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