Recruitment Industry Trends To Watch-Out For In 2018

Recruitment Industry Trends To Watch-Out For In 2018

Interestingly the recruitment industry trends are different from last year, as 2018 would all be of fresh new trends that would considerably impact the recruitment process. Executive recruitment companies who would be able to implement these new trends would be able to hire some of the best talents available in the market. So what are those trends? Let’s have a look here and then decide would you also be implementing them or not?

It is a known fact that recruitment is now a candidate driven market, instead of being driven by job recruitment agency. It is the candidate who drives the recruitment agencies and candidate experience is an important factor for an applicant to consider the job in the market. And so the executive recruitment companies keeping this fact in mind have been adapting these below-mentioned new recruitment industry trends and hope to attract some great talents in the market. Let’s have a look at those trends –

  1. Recruitment marketing: When we talk about the trends the first trend is recruitment marketing. But what is recruitment marketing? Recruitment marketing is nothing but an area, which has been introduced as a consequence of the present situation in the labor market. The main goal of recruitment marketing is to follow the latest market trends in the recruitment and present solutions to the organizations, which would be best solutions to overcome these new challenges. Organizations that would be first to adopt this new trend is more likely to attract the best talent.
  2. Inbound recruitment: In simple words inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that lets you proactively and continually attract talented candidates. The goal – to make them choose the prospective employers as their chosen next employers. As an executive recruitment agency your goal in inbound recruiting is not only to attract a candidate but also to convert them into preferred hire and then positively engage them.
  3. Employer branding: Employer branding is a term used to denote a company’s reputation and popularity in the market as an employer. How does that organization value its employees? It is radically different from brand reputation and is quite important in order to build a strong and attractive employer brand.
  4. Candidate experience: Considering that it is a candidate driven market out there, it is quite important for a candidate to have a pleasant experience while through the screening process as well as during the interview. A positive candidate experience would definitely help you in attracting the best of the best talents.
  5. Talent Pools: Talent pool is nothing but a database wherein employers, recruiters, HR Managers keep a record of all the top talents available in the market. The talent pools consist of all the candidates who have applied for jobs, including the sourced candidates, referred ones, silver medalists and candidates who have willingly joined your talent pool.

Apart from the above-mentioned recruitment trends, other emerging trends in the recruitment industry include – candidate relationship management, social recruiting, recruitment automation tools and data driven recruiting and HR Analytics


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